Healthy alfalfa consumes large amounts of sulfur. Atmospheric deposits, manure and other sulfur sources have lessened, so areas that formerly did not respond to sulfur have become deficient. The sulfate sulfur and ammonium nitrogen in ammonium sulfate have proven to counteract the steady depletion of soil sulfur and increase yields in alfalfa.

Key Alfalfa Benefits

  • Can increase crude protein, contributing to the nutritive value of the forage
  • Replaces lost sources of sulfur in the soil from manure or atmospheric deposition
  • Provides needed sulfur for nodulation
  • Can improve availability and uptake of phosphorus and micronutrients in the soil, including boron, which is often needed in alfalfa fields

To learn more about how Sulf-N® can benefit your alfalfa crop, browse the documents below or contact us for more information.

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