Canola has among the highest demands for sulfur of any commercial crop in North America. Applying nitrogen without sulfur to canola can even reduce yields. Most of the plant’s demand takes place between bolting and flowering – a period when cool soils inhibit the mineralization of organic matter in the soil.  Ammonium sulfate delivers vital sulfur in the sulfate form, which is immediately available to roots when the plant needs it most.

Key Canola Benefits

  • Applying sulfur with NPK has been shown to double yields compared to a check plot
  • Delivers sulfur in the sulfate form, which is available to plant roots immediately, despite the cool conditions when canola begins to bolt
  • Has been shown to help increase crop yields by 40% – 500 pounds per acre – versus  elemental sulfur plots
  • Ammonium nitrogen resists volatilization, leaching and denitrification losses

To learn more about how Sulf-N® can benefit your canola crop, browse the documents below or contact us for more information.