Sulfur is vital to corn grain production. Sulfur deficiency symptoms in corn show up 21 days after emergence and reduce yields by one to two bushels a day after that. Early planting and reduced tillage encourage cooler soil and increase the risk of sulfur deficiency during critical early growth stages. Ammonium sulfate in a pre-plant or starter application provides essential sulfur for early season corn growth. It encourages better emergence, faster maturity, and higher yields.

Key Corn Benefits

  • Delivers 24 units of 100 percent sulfate sulfur, which supports the sulfur requirements of higher corn yields and is readily available for root uptake
  • Plant-efficient ammonium nitrogen
  • Resistant to nitrogen volatilization in surface applications for high residue systems, such as no till, minimum till, topdress and sidedress applications
  • Improves kernel fill with ammonium nitrogen, contributing to amino acid and protein formation
  • Unlocks availability of phosphorus and micronutrients in the soil
  • Shown to have equal or better performance than traditional dry or liquid phosphate starter blends on high-phosphorus soils

To learn more about how Sulf-N® can benefit your corn crop, browse the documents below or contact us for more information.

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