Ammonium sulfate has been shown to increase rice yields by up to 30 bushels per acre in university trials when compared with crops fertilized with urea. Unlike urea, ammonium sulfate resists volatilization loss, a particularly big concern when urea is applied on muddy soils. Sulfur is also critical, and has been associated with earlier canopy closure.

Key Rice Benefits

  • Resists volatilization
  • Shown to be five to ten times less volatile than urea when applied on muddy soils without immediate incorporation, which is common when flooding is delayed
  • Shown to help boost yields by 18 to 30 bushels per acre
  • Shown to promote rice tillering and canopy closure three to four days earlier than urea
  • May be spread as a topdress application, delivering immediately-available sulfur to crops

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Supporting Research

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Ammonium Sulfate Proves an Efficient Nitrogen Source in Trials, Rice Farming (101 KB)