To learn more about how Sulf-N® can maximize yields in your soybean fields, and to contact us about your specific soybeans needs, visit this dedicated soybeans page.

Sulfur (S) is essential for biological nitrogen (N) fixation and is critical early in the season. An application of S, together with up to 20-25 pounds per acre of N, can boost the soybean crop while nodulation establishes.  Additionally, crops with a high-yield potential may benefit from a second application of N and S in the early reproductive stages, given that half of their accumulation in the plant is taken up after the soybeans flower.

Key Sulf-N® Benefits

  • Provides readily plant-available S, which is critical for nodulation
  • Promotes early crop canopy for better weed control and light interception
  • Can improve the availability and uptake of phosphorus and micronutrients
  • Helps boost the number of branches, nodes and pods per plant for higher yields

Also see the Soybeans section of our literature page for research, videos, webinar recaps and brochures for more information.