Ammonium sulfate provides ammonium nitrogen and sulfate sulfur, which promote tillering and healthy root development in fall applications and a vigorous start in early spring applications. Between the two, they can represent a major boost to wheat production. From a quality point of view, bread baked from low sulfur flour fails to rise, has a hard crust and lacks crumb structure.

Key Wheat Benefits

  • Shown to help boost winter wheat yields by 30 bushels per acre
  • Boosts tillering
  • Improves uptake of phosphorus, manganese and zinc
  • Ammonium nitrogen resists volatilization, and has been shown to be five to ten times less volatile than urea
  • Delivers immediately-available sulfate sulfur to crops, even in cool spring soil conditions

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Supporting Research

Title Download
Support Yield-Making Tillers (222 KB)      
Avoid Sulfur Deficiencies in Wheat, David Dunn, University of Missouri (27 KB)      
Form of Sulfur Important for Corn & Wheat Starter (187 KB)