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How does the salt index of ammonium sulfate compare to that of ammonium nitrate or urea?

The salt index values for the fertilizers in question are: Ammonium sulfate = 68.3 Ammonium nitrate = 104 Urea = 74.4

How volatile is ammonium sulfate on dry, bare ground? I want to broadcast 200 pounds per acre ahead of planting wheat on dry land. Will it last a couple of weeks without rain?

Ammonium sulfate is virtually non-volatile as long as we are referring to non-calcareous soils. Accordingly, ammonium sulfate is recommended over urea or urea-containing products (such as urea ammonium nitrate solutions) whenever broadcast applications are not followed by

When it comes to fertilizer injury, is there any difference between nitrogen and sulfur sources?

Yes. Urea, urea ammonium nitrate and ammonium thiosulfate can cause more damage from ammonia toxicity than ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. For this reason, the former three sources are not recommended for applications in close proximity to

How much can I expect soil pH to go down when using ammonium sulfate to supply all of my crop’s nitrogen needs?

At rates of several hundred pounds of ammonium sulfate per acre, the acidifying effect of ammonium sulfate would be in the order of hundredths of a pH unit. Based on a nitrogen rate of 140 pounds per

How do ammonium sulfate and elemental sulfur compare when it comes to their effect on soil pH?

When either ammonium sulfate or elemental sulfur is applied to provide the sulfur needs of a crop – with the nitrogen supplied by ammonium sulfate or other ammonium nitrogen fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia, urea, or ammonium

10 Great Reasons to Use Sulf-N Ammonium Sulfate

Here are 10 great reasons to use Sulf-N ammonium sulfate: Honeywell is the world’s largest single-site producer of ammonium sulfate, and a global leader in agronomic research and promotion of this product University-proven across a broad geography of field and

How does ammonium sulfate compare with other nitrogen sources when it comes to soil acidification and liming needs?

While ammonium sulfate is more acidifying than anhydrous ammonia, urea, or ammonium nitrate, its acidifying effect on soil is significantly less than traditionally assumed. If applied to supply 100 percent of a crop’s nitrogen needs, ammonium sulfate