What is the recommended timing for using ammonium sulfate as a starter fertilizer on soybeans?

The typical recommendation would be prior to planting. Nevertheless, if weather conditions prevent your from spreading it pre-planting, you may also apply it post-planting. Purdue university work has shown yield responses to 100 pounds per acre of

What is a safe rate of ammonium sulfate applied with the drill on wheat?

It will depend mainly on soil texture and whether it is applied straight or in a blend. A 50 pound per acre rate of straight ammonium sulfate would be safe to apply next to the seed across

Can a small amount of nitrogen applied with the drill make sense for wheat?

It can certainly make sense, particularly under no-till conditions. Just stay away from urea-containing fertilizers which, due to potential ammonia toxicity, are not recommended for applications in direct contact with the seed. Ammonium sulfate is a common

Can I use ammonium sulfate on my vegetable garden?

Certainly! Like grain and forage crops, vegetables also need nitrogen and sulfur for photosynthesis and protein formation. As a matter of fact, many industrial vegetable growers include ammonium sulfate as part of their basal fertilization blend.

Is there a link between sulfur and wheat protein?

Yes. As a matter of fact, hard red winter wheat research at Virginia Tech has shown that nitrogen and sulfur are key in obtaining increased grain protein quantity and quality. This makes sense given that both of

What is the type of sulfur in ESN® polymer-coated urea?

This is not the first time I have been asked this question – I assume the confusion comes from the “S” in its name. While polymer-coated urea does not supply any sulfur, it is very commonly blended

My scotch bonnet peppers are pale green with minimal fruit. Can ammonium sulfate help?

A light green color and low pepper fructification may be due to a variety of reasons, including: Temperatures that are either too high or too low Drought or excessive water Population density that is too high Lack of

How would elemental sulfur compare against ammonium sulfate for decreasing soil pH from 7.3 to 6.3?

It depends on the rates used. Applied at rates that just cover a crop’s sulfur needs, neither one would do, regardless of the soil type. When thinking of these products as soil amendments, 200 to 400 pounds

I need to decrease soil pH from 7.3 to 6.3. Would ammonium sulfate do it?

Assuming a soil of low buffering capacity (low clay and organic matter contents), and as long as you apply it at rates that cover all of your crop’s nitrogen needs, ammonium sulfate could indeed be a really

Why is early-season nitrogen fertilization not a common practice on soybeans?

The concern is that nitrogen applied during vegetative stages in soybeans may prevent symbiotic nitrogen fixation from fully developing. Pre-plant and late-season ammonium sulfate fertilization, on the other hand, may be beneficial by promoting and supplementing, respectively,