Can a small amount of nitrogen applied with the drill make sense for wheat?

It can certainly make sense, particularly under no-till conditions. Just stay away from urea-containing fertilizers which, due to potential ammonia toxicity, are not recommended for applications in direct contact with the seed. Ammonium sulfate is a common

Is the lower salt index of ammonium sulfate the reason why it is a safer fertilizer than urea?

Not exactly, since you would need to compare salt index per unit of nutrient (3.25 for ammonium sulfate, 3.06 for ammonium nitrate and 1.62 for urea). The reason urea is not recommended for starter fertilization is due

How does the salt index of ammonium sulfate compare to that of ammonium nitrate or urea?

The salt index values for the fertilizers in question are: Ammonium sulfate = 68.3 Ammonium nitrate = 104 Urea = 74.4

Is ammonium sulfate a nitrogen stabilizer?

Ammonium sulfate is not considered a nitrogen stabilizer. Nevertheless, due to its acidic nature, the chances for its nitrogen to be lost to the environment as ammonia gas are significantly less than urea. As a matter of fact,

My scotch bonnet peppers are pale green with minimal fruit. Can ammonium sulfate help?

A light green color and low pepper fructification may be due to a variety of reasons, including: Temperatures that are either too high or too low Drought or excessive water Population density that is too high Lack of

When is ammonium sulfate typically applied on wheat?

It will depend on soil and weather conditions, but particularly on coarse soils, it is a good idea to split apply your ammonium sulfate as follows: A first application in the fall to promote tillering before the

How would ammonium sulfate compare with urea when it comes to volatility on calcareous ground?

Even under calcareous conditions (soil pH 7.6-8.2), ammonium sulfate would still be less volatile than urea. This is because urea hydrolysis raises pH to significantly higher levels (as high as 9.0).

How volatile is ammonium sulfate on dry, bare ground? I want to broadcast 200 pounds per acre ahead of planting wheat on dry land. Will it last a couple of weeks without rain?

Ammonium sulfate is virtually non-volatile as long as we are referring to non-calcareous soils. Accordingly, ammonium sulfate is recommended over urea or urea-containing products (such as urea ammonium nitrate solutions) whenever broadcast applications are not followed by

When it comes to fertilizer injury, is there any difference between nitrogen and sulfur sources?

Yes. Urea, urea ammonium nitrate and ammonium thiosulfate can cause more damage from ammonia toxicity than ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate. For this reason, the former three sources are not recommended for applications in close proximity to

What might be some good reasons to consider ammonium sulfate for Pakistani agriculture?

While I have never been to Pakistan, three main reasons come to mind based on what I have read about its soils: They tend to be low in sulfur. Ammonium sulfate is a cost-efficient way to supply