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AdvanSix’s Chesterfield Facility Fact Sheet
Type of Facility: Nylon 6 resin manufacturing facility
Product: AdvanSix Aegis® nylon 6 resin: Used in many manufacturing applications from food and consumer packaging to fishing nets, carpet fibers and molded plastics used in cars. Nylon 6 is made from caprolactam, a precursor to nylon made at AdvanSix’s Hopewell, Va., facility.
Employment: AdvanSix’s Chesterfield site employs approximately 300 workers, including 210 production and maintenance employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
History: Honeywell built the plant and began producing nylon in 1955. Prior to that, the land was used for agricultural purposes. During the 1960s and 1970s, the plant expanded its capabilities to add nylon produced at the site into tire cord and carpet fiber. The company also began compounding operations as way to produce plastic from the waste generated by fiber manufacturing. In the 1980s and early 1990s, Honeywell developed processes for improving the quality of carpet fiber and introduced a product called Anso-Nylon. That name can still be found in carpets that are manufactured today by Shaw Industries, one of the Chesterfield plant’s largest customers. In the 1990s, the company expanded into the films and packaging business, as well as engineered plastics for use in the automobile and other industries. Today, the AdvanSix Chesterfield plant focuses on nylon 6 production. Chesterfield is the largest producer of merchant nylon 6 resin in the United States.
Address: 4101 Bermuda Hundred Road, Chesterfield, Va. 23836
Phone: (804) 530-6000
Contact: Matt Trahan, Plant Manager
Plant Economics: Approximately $8 million per year is spent for goods and services in the local community to support the operation of the Chesterfield plant. In 2014, the Chesterfield facility paid $22 million to its employees in salaries and benefits.
Plant Investments: In the past five years, Honeywell has invested more than $40 million in its Chesterfield plant, including projects that directly support health, safety and the environment. These investments have been reflected in AdvanSix’s improved performance in these areas, and we continue to strive for excellence at all of our facilities.
Responsible Care®: AdvanSix is committed to the safety of our employees, the quality of our products, and being responsible stewards for the protection of our environment, the communities in which we operate, and our customers. We are a member company of the American Chemistry Council, and Responsible Care is the foundation for health, safety, and environment excellence in our business. Our Responsible Care Management System is used to support our full commitment to legal and other health, safety, and environment requirements to which we subscribe.