About Us

AdvanSix’s portfolio of Nylon 6 resins, caprolactam (Nylon 6 feedstock) and chemical intermediates are manufactured for diverse applications from carpet and textile fibers to fishing net filaments, engineering plastics parts and food packaging films.

AdvanSix is a fully integrated manufacturer of nylon 6 resins and films that serves customers around the world. We also manufacture ammonium sulfate fertilizers including Sulf-N® and Sulf-N® 26, plus a range of chemical intermediates including caprolactam — for which we are the largest single-site global producer. AdvanSix has been developing technology and customer-focused application development expertise for over a half-century.

Customers around the globe trust AdvanSix not only for quality products, but also for quality solutions and support. Backed by multiple tech centers, we have a global team of chemical engineers, agronomists, logistics experts and more. AdvanSix can respond quickly to customer needs. We foster long-term customer relationships built on a foundation of trust and quality.