End Uses

AdvanSix nylon resins and films can help you achieve better performance, save on costs, and create sustainable manufacturing growth. Our technical expertise and customer-focused approach enable us to meet your critical performance and processing needs across applications. Some of our resins come “ready to use” so you don’t need to do your own blending. AdvanSix is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nylon solutions, caprolactam (nylon 6 feedstock), and chemical intermediates. Look for the resin or film you need by selecting the relevant applications below.

Engineering Plastics Low viscosity, non-lubricated Nylon 6 injection molding homopolymers exhibit excellent melt fluidity. Our compounding resins exhibit good strength, stiffness, and toughness and are heat, chemical and abrasion resistant. Food Packaging Aegis® resins, Aegis® barrier resins and Capran® films are a popular choice for demanding rigid, flexible and retort packaging. Filaments – Fishing Line & Nets AdvanSix Aegis® H95XC Gen II resin is designed to maximize transparency, flexibility, strength, and elongation, which are key attributes needed in fishing line and nets. Carpet Fiber Nylon 6 resins for carpet and textiles meet the most desirable qualities for manufacturing and end use. Making textiles with Aegis® Nylon 6 resins delivers what consumers want the most – durable, stain resistant carpet. Wire and Cable Aegis® nylon 6 wire and cable jacket resin is a listed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) QMTT2 wiring component that provides a high level of protection in applications ranging from building wires to automotive cables. Industrial Packaging Aegis® barrier resins and Capran® films are extensively used to meet challenging industrial packaging needs. Composite Vacuum Bagging Capran® heat-stabilized nylon films are ideal for vacuum bagging applications. Building & Construction Films Capran® films are well suited for a variety of building and construction applications. Book Covers & Balloons Capran® biaxially oriented nylon films protect softcover books and are used to create vibrant, long-lasting balloons that stand out in a crowd.