Aegis® H135MP is a lubricated and nucleated high viscosity, nylon 6 extrusion grade homopolymer for cast or blown film applications. It conforms to FDA requirements of 21 CFR 177.1500 as well as EU Directive 2011/10/EC. It possesses the combination of strength, toughness and thermoforming properties associated with nylon 6 as well as excellent heat, chemical and abrasion resistance.

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Approval Name
FDA Approvals 21 CFR 177.1500
EU Approvals EU Directive 2002/72/EC


Name Value Test Method
Viscosity, FAV  135 ASTM D-789
RV/96% H2SO4 3.75
Moisture Content (%) Max. 0.08 ASTM D-6869
Extractable Content (%) Max. 0.8 SOP-702-307

Physical Properties

Property Value Test Method
Melt Flow Rate (235°C, 1Kg) (g/10 min) 1.2 ASTM D-1238

Mechanical Properties

Property Value Test Method
Tensile Strength, 23°C (73°F) - Mpa 30 MD , 30
Elmendorf Tear Strength, 23°C (73°F) (N) 840 MD , 1,140

Thermal Properties

Property Value Test Method
Melting Point (°C(°F)) 220 ASTM D-3418

Gas Barrier @ 23°C (73°F)/0% RH

Property Value Test Method
Oxygen Permeability (cc-mil/m²/day) ((cc/100in²/day)) 40.3 D-3958
Water Vapor Permeability @ 38°C (100°F)/100% RH (gm-mil/m²/day) 992 F-1249
Download TDS (81 KB)