Carpet Fiber

engineering-plastics-nylon6-smallCarpet fiber made from Aegis® Nylon 6 resin is durable, resilient and colorfast. This offers the carpet manufacturer a great range of colors and design options. Carpets made with Nylon 6 also resist abrasion, wear, crushing and matting, granting long lasting performance to the end product. In fiber production, Nylon 6 performs consistently and is very stable. Nylon is the most durable and versatile fiber for carpet.

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Aegis® Product # Description TDS
Aegis® H60ZI Aegis® H60ZI is an unterminated, medium viscosity, nylon 6 homopolymer well-suited for compounding, filament and carpet fiber applications. (62 KB)
H55ZIE Unterminated medium viscosity homopolymer well-suited for monofilament and multifilament applications, and carpet fiber. (63 KB)
H55ZI Unterminated medium viscosity homopolymer well suited for mono, multifilament applications, and carpet fiber. » (62 KB)
H55ZP Unterminated medium viscosity homopolymer for filament as well as carpet fiber. » (63 KB)
MBM Terminated, non-delustered, bright medium dye, medium viscosity. » (63 KB)