Wired for Reliability

From building to automotive applications, Aegis® nylon 6 wire and cable resin protects wires during installation and throughout their service life.


Engineering Plastics for Injection Molding

Improve your manufacturing productivity with Nylon 6 resins. Nylon 6 delivers flexibility and durability for injection-molded products that end up in everything from cars to shoes to electronics.

Learn more about Nylon 6 resins for injection molding

Keep Packaged Food Fresh

Food packaging made with Aegis® Nylon 6 resins keep oxygen out and flavor in. This helps to keep products fresh longer and meets FDA and EU regulations.

Learn more about barrier properties in food packaging

New Copolymer Resin Manufacturing Line

State-of-the-art production line will be only North American source of key food packaging resins.


No Blending Required

Our new Nylon 6 formulation is designed for the fishing industry with transparency, flexibility and strength. No specialty blending needed on your end – using AdvanSix’s Nylon 6 saves time and the cost of mixing materials.

Learn more about Nylon 6 for fishing line applications

Perfect Fit for Carpet and Textiles

Aegis® Nylon 6 additives make stain resistant fiber that’s dye-able at the last minute - perfect for carpets and lightweight textiles. Once dyed - it’s colorfast. It’s also completely recyclable in manufacturing use.

Learn more about Nylon 6 resins for textiles

    AdvanSix Nylon Solutions

    Welcome to AdvanSix Nylon Solutions and a leading portfolio of resins and films products. Here, you will find a wide selection of products that are designed to meet your exact manufacturing and application needs, available in an array of specifications.

    AdvanSix is one of the Top 5 fully integrated manufacturers of Nylon 6 globally, and is among the largest single-site global producers of caprolactam – a key ingredient for nylon resins. This, combined with exceptional quality control and a robust supply chain, ensures industry leading quality and reliability of supply. With over 50 years of rich experience in technology, product development and sustainable growth, we are positioned to move your business to the next level of competitive performance.



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