Our vital chemistries provide the nutrition for crops that feed the world, the packaging that increases the shelf life of food in the grocery store, the additives in vibrant paints that decorate homes, the nylon in the soft, durable carpet under our feet, and so much more.

We are committed to producing the right chemistries with the right properties to solve our customers’ most exciting opportunities.

Chemical Intermediates

Customers rely on AdvanSix to provide a wide range of chemical intermediates to create products for a variety of end markets, from automotive to healthcare.

Nylon Solutions

AdvanSix nylon solutions make it possible for our customers to create a variety of products, from home office furniture and durable packaging to fast, fuel-efficient cars.

Plant Nutrients

We’re agroscience leaders, continually innovating to find new solutions to help farmers grow food to feed people around the world.

“Customers depend on AdvanSix to provide the highest quality spray-grade AMS, so they can meet the needs of the hard-working farmers in their regions. We take our responsibilities very seriously and go above and beyond to get every order right and deliver it right on time.”

- Erik Jiang
Senior Marketing Manager, AdvanSix

Industries We Serve

AdvanSix. Good Chemistry.

We stand out among chemistry companies thanks to our long legacy of success and a commitment to a brighter future.


Our people are eager to explore new ways of solving problems and delivering new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Always evolving

We are on a relentless mission to do better, every day. That includes a commitment to improving sustainability and continuing our journey to be a more equitable, diverse and inclusive employer.

People first

It all starts with people – our employees, communities, partners and customers. We come together to make this a stronger company, a tighter community, a better world.

Safe, effective products

We take pride in delivering safe and high quality products. Our relentless commitment to continuous discovery and innovation helps to meet our customers’ evolving requirements.

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