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Customers use AdvanSix chemical intermediates to make a wide range of products for end consumers.

AdvanSix Acetone NF Grade


Acetone (also known as dimethyl ketone and 2-propanone) is a clear, colorless, low-boiling, flammable, volatile liquid characterized by rapid evaporation and a faintly aromatic, sweetish odor. It is readily miscible in most organic solvents and completely miscible, in all proportions, in water. Acetone is one of the simplest aliphatic ketones, and is an excellent solvent for a wide range of gums, resins, waxes, fats, greases, oils, dyestuffs and cellulosics. It is widely used as a chemical intermediate in the production of methyl isobutyl ketone and other solvents, and in the production of such important chemicals as bis-phenol-A and methyl methacrylate. It is also used in the manufacture of a wide variety of coatings and plastics

AdvanSix Allylamine (MALA)


AdvanSix Allylamine (MALA) is a colorless liquid characterized by a pungent ammonia-like odor. It possesses excellent solubility in water, ethanol, benzene, and ethyl acetate. While Allylamine remains stable under recommended storage conditions, it is important to note that it is highly flammable. Allylamine finds versatile applications as a solvent and in organic synthesis. It plays a vital role in the synthesis of various products, including rubber, mercurial diuretics, sedatives, and antiseptics. Furthermore, it contributes to the production of ion-exchange resins, underlining its significance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

AdvanSix Alpha Methylstyrene (AMS)


Alpha methylstyrene (AMS) from AdvanSix is produced by the partial oxidation of cumene. It is commonly used in a variety of applications to improve product functionality, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastics, pure monomer tackifying resins and water-based styrene acrylic inks.

Industries Served: Chemical Intermediates, Industrial

AdvanSix Cyclohexylamine (MCHA)


AdvanSix Cyclohexylamine (MCHA) is a colorless, flammable liquid with a distinct fishy odor. It demonstrates solubility in water, ethanol, benzene, and ethyl acetate, remaining stable under recommended storage conditions. MCHA is a versatile chemical, serving as a valuable intermediate in the production of various organic compounds. Notably, it plays a crucial role in inhibiting corrosion in boiler feed water and finds application in the manufacturing of insecticides, plasticizers, dry-cleaning soaps, rubber chemicals, dye stuffs, and gas absorbents, making it a versatile and indispensable component across multiple industries. [ACGIH]

AdvanSix Di-n-propylamine (DPA)


AdvanSix Di-n-propylamine (DPA) is a colorless, flammable liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It exhibits solubility in water, ethanol, benzene, and ethyl acetate and maintains stability under recommended storage conditions. DPA serves as a key chemical intermediate and acts as a starting material for the synthesis of herbicidal products, including trifluralin, oryzalin, EPTC, and vernolate. Its role in herbicide production highlights its importance in the agricultural and chemical industries.

AdvanSix Diallylamine (DALA)


AdvanSix Diallylamine (DALA) is a colorless to yellow, flammable, and corrosive liquid that emits a pungent, ammonia-like odor. While it is soluble in ethanol, benzene, and ethyl acetate, it displays limited solubility in water. Under recommended storage conditions, DALA remains stable. This versatile chemical compound is commonly harnessed in the production of pharmaceuticals, resins, and paper. It serves as a crucial raw material for manufacturing various crop protection products. Furthermore, DALA finds extensive use as a solvent and functions as a corrosion inhibitor, ore flotation agent, and a key component in rubber processing. Its diverse applications make it an essential ingredient across several industries.

AdvanSix Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)


AdvanSix Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), also known as isopropanol or 2-propanol, is a colorless, flammable organic compound with a distinct alcoholic odor. It plays a pivotal role in the production of a diverse range of industrial and household chemicals and is a ubiquitous component in products like antiseptics, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and detergents. IPA is frequently employed as a solvent, a chemical intermediate, a medical disinfectant, and finds extensive usage in laboratory applications due to its versatile properties and effectiveness.

AdvanSix Isopropylamine (ΜΙΡΑ)


AdvanSix Isopropylamine (ΜΙΡΑ) is a colorless, flammable, volatile liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It exhibits low solubility in water and maintains stability when stored under recommended conditions. MIPA serves as a fundamental building block in the production of various herbicides and pesticides, including atrazine, bentazon, glyphosate, imazapyr, ametryne, desmetryn, prometryn, pramitol, dipropetryn, propazine, fenamiphos, and iprodione. Moreover, MIPA functions as a regulating agent in the plastics industry and plays a crucial role as an intermediate in the organic synthesis of coating materials, plastics, pesticides, rubber chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and various other applications. Additionally, it finds utility as an additive within the petroleum industry.

AdvanSix KA Oil


KA Oil (ketone-alcohol oil) is comprised of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol. This material is an important industrial feedstock used primarily in the production of adipic acid, nylons, and plasticizers with minor solvent uses.

Industries Served: Chemical Intermediates, Industrial

AdvanSix N-Ethylmethallylamine (NEMALA)


AdvanSix N-Ethylmethallylamine (NEMALA) is a light yellow, flammable liquid with a pungent, ammonia-like odor. This chemical exhibits partial solubility in water and maintains stability when stored under recommended conditions. It is primarily utilized as an intermediate ingredient in herbicide formulations.

AdvanSix Phenol - High Purity Grade


High-purity phenol from AdvanSix is used for a variety of applications requiring exceptional quality and consistency. Common uses range from herbicides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and polycarbonates to automotive glazing, can coatings, adhesives, electronic insulators, and in phenolic resinsparts, optical media, glazing, can coatings, adhesives, electronic insulators, and in phenolic resins.

AdvanSix Tri-n-propylamine (ΤΡΑ)


AdvanSix Tri-n-propylamine (ΤΡΑ) is a colorless liquid with an ammonia-like odor. It exhibits slight solubility in water and remains stable when stored according to recommended conditions. However, caution is warranted as it can ignite when heated or exposed to an ignition source. TPA is primarily employed in the synthesis of carbon nanotubes for research purposes and also finds utility as a solvent in various applications.



EZ-Blox® offers a safe, cost-effective and proven alternative to MEKO. It is designed to optimize the performance of alkyd-based paint systems by preventing a surface skin from forming when the product comes into contact with atmospheric oxygen. This, in turn, improves paint performance and reduces waste.

AdvanSix N,N'Di-tert-butylethylenediamine (DBEDA)


AdvanSix N,N'Di-tert-butylethylenediamine (DBEDA) is a clear, light yellow, corrosive liquid with a fishy odor. It readily mixes with ethanol but can form a solid hydrate when in contact with water. When stored as recommended, it maintains stability; however, it can combust when exposed to heat or an ignition source. DBEDA is primarily employed in the manufacturing of polymers.

Nadone® HDR® Cyclohexanone


Nadone® HDR® cyclohexanone is ideal in applications that are sensitive to oxygen or peroxide. Key benefits include: uniform evaporation, minimal moisture content, low toxicity and ecotoxicity, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and a good cleaning solvency. Applications range from agricultural pesticide formulations, paints and coatings to electronics, PVC adhesives and printing ink formulations.

Naxol® Cyclohexanol


Naxol® cyclohexanol is ideal for applications sensitive to oxygen or peroxide. These range from agricultural products and rubber to plasticizers and solvents to flavors and fragarances. Naxol® cyclohexanol has a low toxicity and ecotoxicity profile, and is produced to low moisture standards.

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