Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

AdvanSix in on a journey to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace to foster respect and belonging for our coworkers, customers, suppliers and business partners.

“We know that diversity at all levels is key to strong business outcomes, and we are committed to championing greater representation and inclusion from our shop floor to board room at AdvanSix every day.”

Erin Kane, President and CEO, AdvanSix

We are on a journey. Our purpose is to be our customers’ trusted partner for advantaged chemistries by caring, innovating and advancing together. To achieve that togetherness, we strive to represent the communities in which we operate, celebrate our differences and inspire belonging. We are tenacious in our pursuit of bringing out the best in people both individually and collectively.

Inclusion Academy

In 2021, AdvanSix joined the first cohort of Dr. Steven L. Robbins’ Inclusion Academy, focused on mindfulness, inclusion and unconscious bias education. We are thrilled to partner with Dr. Robbins as we actively engage our leaders in the journey of awareness, authenticity and accountability for an inclusive workplace.