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Our talented health, safety and environment professionals hold us to a higher standard, ensuring that AdvanSix does right by people and the planet. The possibilities start with you.

It all starts with...your impact. At AdvanSix, we strive to protect our people and our communities each and every day. As a member of our Health, Safety and Environment team, you can help attain our goals of protecting our people and the environment, achieving sustainable growth and driving compliance with all applicable regulations.

Daniel Winburne Headshot

"Many companies out there will say that safety is a priority. At AdvanSix, we say that it is not a priority because your priorities can change. Safety here is a value. It's a core value that we hold and we teach to live safety. That's both inside of work and outside of work as well."

- Daniel Winburne, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Newest jobs available in the Health, Safety & Environment Department

Position Summary: The Safety Specialist provides site level support for driving safety excellence. This position focuses on the implementation of effective management systems that assure regulatory compliance, management of HSE (Health, Safety, and Environmental) programs, achievement of performance excellence at the operating level, and supporting a mature HSE culture via the systematic processes. Duties and Responsibilities: Demonstrate a strong commitment to HSE excellence and a passion ...

Posted: February 17, 2024

Position Summary: The HSE Manager is responsible for ensuring consistent compliance of all local, state, and federal regulatory requirements (OSHA), in addition to the organization’s Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program. This position is the champion of health, safety, and environment in the workplace through team members, activities, and programs.   Duties and Responsibilities: Develop and implement specific tools and initiatives to increase awareness, engagement, and cap...

Posted: February 5, 2024

Position Summary: The Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Health (IH/OH) Manager provides enterprise-wide leadership for driving occupational health and safety excellence. This role is focused on leading the implementation of effective operating mechanisms that assure regulatory compliance, proactive protection of our employees, and achievement of performance excellence in our operating facilities. This role is a working leader with direct reports.     Duties and Responsibilities:...

Posted: January 29, 2024

AdvanSix plays a critical role in global supply chains, innovating and delivering essential products for our customers in a wide variety of end markets and applications that touch people’s lives, such as building and construction, fertilizers, plastics, solvents, packaging, paints, coatings, adhesives, and electronics. Our reliable and sustainable supply of quality products emerges from the vertically integrated value chain of our three U.S. based manufacturing facilities. Ad...

Posted: January 26, 2024