Responsible Care®

As a Responsible Care® company, AdvanSix maintains a sharp focus on safety and sustainability.

Responsible Care, Our commitment to sustainability, 30 years logo

Responsible Care® is the environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative of the American Chemistry Council. The activities we measure and report through this program are essential components of our strong ESG foundation.

Responsible Care® at AdvanSix

Our commitment to Responsible Care® Guiding Principles runs deep throughout our organization.

Going Beyond Governance Requirements

We go beyond basic compliance to improve the environmental, health and safety performance of our facilities.

Ethical Leadership

Our leadership team lives out the core values of our business: safety, integrity, accountability and respect.

Product and Process Safety

Throughout all levels of our organization, we instill a culture committed to reducing the safety risks of both our processes and products.

Reducing Pollution and Waste

We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and products, continually striving to improve sustainability throughout our value chain.