Field Note


AdvanSix Sulf-N® Ammonium Sulfate Supplement Your Soybeans field trial profiles in Indiana, Michigan and Illinois

We had challenging early season conditions with a few weather events that presented some nitrogen loss; this is most noticeable in soybeans with yellowing in the lower areas of the plant. The bright side is that the areas of the crop that have not been impacted look good, and we are experiencing some very favorable weather right now.

Depending on the results we see from our first tissue sampling test, we will likely try to temporarily remedy the situation in our next pass with foliar nutrients, which will likely be fungicide. Long term, we want to start remediation of the soil to try to bring those levels up. Currently, tissue samples have been coming back with good nutrient levels, but zinc continues to be low in our soils, so this will be a focus next year.

Our Supplement Your Soybeans field is facing a few hurdles. It was planted into cover crop, and the termination of the cover crop was only about 80% effective, so we had to make another pass to clean it up. Like many other fields in our area, the soybeans were slow growing after they emerged; it was almost like they hit a wall and would not push through for two weeks. Things are starting to pick up with recent rains and higher temperatures.