Field Note


The tale of two seasons continues in West Central Missouri. After record rainfall in June that resulted in areas of surface flooding, the weather has shifted 180 degrees and July has been very hot and dry. The timing of the heat is poor as we have lots of replanted beans trying to play catch up. Thankfully our AMS field trial was not impacted too badly from standing surface water from the June rains. As you can see from the red shaded areas in this NDVI drone image below, our ammonium sulfate-treated trial field did have a couple zones impacted by the standing water, but on average, it is a healthy stand of beans right now.

We designed our trial in 80’ strips across the entire field, so we still expect to gather good data and insights from both the non-treated control strips and the two strips with application rates of AMS (50 lbs/ac and 100 lbs/ac), which were both top-dressed at V4 in late June. With the recent dry weather, we have been pivot irrigating this field, and the soybeans have continued growing and blooming in the R4 growth stage. We are seeing slightly more pods, nodes and height in the treated zones of the field and are excited to share some pod counts later in the season. Stay tuned for updates.