Field Note


This season, our Ceres Solutions rep, Bart Leman, tried to sample as close to both the V3 and R2 growth stages as possible. He went to the line where the trial and control meet and took samples around 50’ from each direction, pulling two to three of the newest, fully developed trifoliate on 20-30 random soybean plants. Then he removed the stems and put them in a bag to be shipped to Perry Ag Lab in Bowling Green, Missouri.

It’s always interesting to see the results of tissue sample tests. So far, we’ve seen that sulfur levels are higher where we spread AMS than in the control area. At this point, we will continue to monitor the field and see where the yield results come in for the areas with and without AMS treatment.

Through this process, we have learned that tissue sampling is a good way to get quick results that help you monitor where your plant’s nutrient levels are allowing you to make educated decisions. We believe more and more growers will begin using tissue sampling in the future.

Our plan is to take another tissue sample test at the R5 growth stage, so come back for updates and results.

Cervenka’s R2 tissue sample results from Perry Ag Lab.