Field Note


After strip applying our trial field with top-dress AMS at two rates (untreated, 50 lbs./ac and 100 lbs./ac) at V4 in late June, we were hopeful for great results come harvest, despite the challenging weather conditions we experienced this year.

We recently conducted a pod count on random samples in the AMS trial field and are happy to report that the results align with our positive outlook.

Our treated soybeans have set around 80 pods per plant, as compared to our untreated soybeans at around 50 pods per plant. We’ve also noticed the treated soybeans are taller and have more branching, which yields more pods. Lastly, we noticed more root mass in the treated soybeans, which in turn increases pod count, helps the plant grow stronger and allows the plant to remain healthier, longer, each a key agronomic factor in preparing the plant for maximum yield at the end of the season.

Figure 1. AMS treated soybeans (L) and untreated soybeans at R1 (R)
Figure 2. Pods from treated plant (L) and untreated (R