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As a precision sales agronomist with years of experience working on his own farm, Ryan is no stranger to the importance of crop nutrition management.

Ryan is a fifth-generation farmer on land that has been part of his family since 1898. Though he and his brother, Tyler, started farming a few acres on their own in the last five years, they had worked alongside their dad, Roger, and uncle, sharing equipment and labor since they were kids, just old enough to drive heavy farm equipment.

For Ryan, there are many reasons why he chose to farm. He values the tradition and family aspect it provides. He also enjoys getting his hands dirty and spending time outside. Every year brings new challenges and successes, which keeps life interesting.

Made in Iowa

In addition to his day job at an independent crop consulting company, Ryan manages the day-to-day operations of his family’s 1,500-acre farm, including planting, hauling seed, spraying, operating grain carts and more.

Ryan and his family have been implementing a straight rotation of corn and soybeans for the last 28 years due to the market demand in their area, whether the crop will be used as protein for a variety of animal feed in Western Iowa, or for a local ethanol plant.



Average Soybean yield 2022


Acres in test field



Soybean row spacing



Soybean population



Test field yield

By the Numbers

Ryan returns to the Supplement Your Soybeans program for a sophomore season. Last year, the soybeans in his test field struggled with emergence, but Ryan observed a slight yield bump from the ammonium sulfate (AMS) application, noticing the greatest benefit in areas with low soil organic matter. This year, Ryan hopes to build upon those yield gains by being more purposeful in the timing of the pre-plant AMS application. In particular, he would like to see the AMS provide a boost to lower–yielding areas of the field. In addition to a yield response, Ryan hopes that the AMS application will result in a more consistent stand across the field and overall physical plant growth.

Alongside his AMS application, Ryan applies cattle manure in an effort to build soil fertility in his 80-acre test field. He hopes the sulfur from AMS will push the yields to 70+ bu/ac. The test field will also include a row spacing of 15 inches and a population of 135,000 seeds/acre.

Meet Ryan

Farming is both a hobby and a way to make a living, but any free time Ryan has is spent with his family.

Free Time is for Family Time

Most of the time, Ryan works with his dad, brother, and uncle on the farm, but other members of the family will help pitch in during the busiest times of the season.

When Ryan isn’t working, he and his wife, Clarissa, enjoy spending time with their two-year old son, Otto, and stay busy while trying to keep him out of trouble. When they can spend some time off the farm, Ryan and Clarissa enjoy going out to eat, catching a movie, and attending just about any game at Iowa State. While Ryan does not have as much free time as he did before Otto’s arrival, he also gets involved in his church community as much as possible

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Meet Ryan

Located in Iowa


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