AdvanSix AMS Trial Participants Optimistic Heading Into Harvest

With soybeans changing color and leaves looking to fall, this year’s Supplement Your Soybeans (SYS) participants are eager to get in the combine to see how their AMS-treated soybeans performed.  Late-season rains  In the final weeks leading up to harvest, most of the SYS farmers received the late-season rains that are often important for pod […]

Abnormally dry conditions top concern for ammonium sulfate trial participants

Untreated and AMS-treated soybeans next to a ruler. AMS-treated soybeans are taller.

As the growing season progressed into June and July, prolonged dry conditions caused by limited rainfall and extreme heat were top of mind for most of the Supplement Your Soybeans participants. Brady Holst of Augusta, Illinois, faced the most extreme conditions of the trial participants as his area remained in a severe drought into early […]

Ammonium sulfate gives soybeans a strong start to the growing season

Ammonium sulfate field trial field in late May. Ammonium-sulfate treated strips appear darker green than the untreated.

With ideal weather conditions throughout April and May, planting went off without a hitch for the AdvanSix Supplement Your Soybeans participants. Each farmer’s ammonium sulfate (AMS) trial fields were planted between April 11 and May 6, falling into the window of early or on-time planting.   First-year participant Brian Ray of East Prairie, Missouri, planted his […]

Five Supplement Your Soybeans participants kick off ammonium sulfate field trials

The 2023 AdvanSix Supplement Your Soybeans program features some new and some returning faces as the participants look to gain knowledge about sulfur nutrition. Throughout the summer, participating farmers across key soybean-growing regions will conduct field trials to test the effect of applying ammonium sulfate (AMS) on their soybean yields. 

Field Update

Growing Soybeans

In early July, we checked in with the farmers participating in this year’s Supplement Your Soybeans about how planting went and the early-season crop progress.

Field Update

Last month, we spoke with the farmers participating in this year’s Supplement Your Soybeans program about their objectives for the season.