Worlds largest producer …

One of the World’s Largest Caprolactam Producing Plants

The nylon produced by AdvanSix’s caprolactam is an essential component of clothing, carpeting, rubber, plastic and films

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Virginias Second Largest Exporter

One of Virginia’s Largest Exporters

Shipping caprolactam to China and other Asian countries, and fertilizer to Latin America

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    AdvanSix’s Hopewell Facility


    AdvanSix’s Hopewell facility is one of the world’s largest single-site producers of caprolactam, the primary feedstock in the production of nylon polymer used in carpet fibers, plastics and films.  Hopewell is a global leader in the development and production of ammonium sulfate fertilizers, which AdvanSix sells for both crop and turf applications under the Sulf-N® brand.

    The plant also produces a wide range of chemical intermediates, including Nadone® cyclohexanone, Naxol® cyclohexanol, sulfuric acid, specialty oximes, ammonia and carbon dioxide.

    The Hopewell facility employs more than 750 highly-skilled workers and is one of Virginia’s largest exporters.

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