It all starts with...
the total package.

All packaging is not created equal.

Imagine recycled packaging as good as the original. AdvanSix already did. Our post-industrial and post-consumer recycled Aegis® nylon 6 materials are ready now to help meet your environmental goals without sacrificing performance. Let’s take the journey to sustainability together.

Recycled nylon as good as new.

AdvanSix post-industrial and post-consumer recycled grades Aegis® resins and Capran® BOPA films use certified 100% recycled content to produce nylon 6 products that are every bit as processable, formable, and durable as virgin nylon.

100% recycled content

Employing 100% recycled content certified by an independent third party,[1] AdvanSix is here to help your customers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the circular economy.

[1] SCS Global Services


AdvanSix Aegis® PIR & PCR grades nylon 6 meet the high expectations of processors, brand owners and consumers for compliance with food contact materials regulations.


Available now as an efficient drop-in replacement, AdvanSix solutions require no costly re-qualifications or expensive process and equipment changes.

Identical properties

You don’t need to sacrifice quality or performance for sustainability. Our recycled Aegis® nylon 6 resin has the same physical and mechanical properties as its conventional counterpart.


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AdvanSix announced a new 100% PCR nylon offering to help customers meet sustainability goals.

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