Supplement Your Soybeans Program Returns for Third Year


2 men standing in a field

With the largest single-site ammonium sulfate (AMS) production facility in the world residing in Hopewell Virginia, AdvanSix knows a thing or two about sulfur nutrition, and what it can mean for crop yields.

To demonstrate this fact and to show that AMS is pound-for-pound the most efficient crop sulfur source available today, AdvanSix is excited to announce the third year of its Supplement Your Soybeans program. Through Supplement Your Soybeans, farmers across key soybean-growing regions will conduct in-field trials to determine the advantages of using AMS as an efficient and effective nitrogen and sulfur source.

In 2022, AdvanSix partnered with six soybean farmers, and their retailer agronomists, to assess the impact of AMS on overall soybean health and yield.

While boosting crop yield is often the primary goal of participants, farmers and their agronomists also discovered additional benefits of AMS, including improved plant health and more consistent nutrient availability, helping to overcome unique weather- and market-related challenges across geographies and conditions.

Download the full 2022 Harvest Report here.

AdvanSix Vice President of Plant Nutrients Mike Hamilton said he is pleased with the results from the sophomore season of the Supplement Your Soybeans program and is looking forward to continuing the program in 2023. “With two years under our belt, we’re excited to see how the Supplement Your Soybeans participants are creating new knowledge and value with this time-tested and trusted fertilizer. We are confident 2023 program will continue to enhance our understanding of how AMS helps optimize plant health and yield potential in soybeans.”

The 2023 Supplement Your Soybeans participants include:

  • Brady Holst, Augusta, Illinois
  • Marc Kaiser, Carrollton, Missouri
  • Brian Ray, East Prairie, Missouri
  • Ryan Reimers, Woodbine, Iowa
  • Patrick Riley, Utica, Kentucky

The Supplement Your Soybeans farmers will provide updates about their field trials throughout the season. Stay tuned as the year unfolds.