AdvanSix Announces 2023 Sustainability Report


AdvanSix takes pride in their legacy of success in serving as a trusted partner for customers. Recognizing that sustainability is an ongoing commitment that requires continued transformation, Erin Kane, President and CEO of AdvanSix, shares how the business is meeting their commitments to support a more sustainable future.  


Dear Stakeholders: 

Foundationally, AdvanSix has roots in two great scientific triumphs in the 20th century: the HaberBosch process that transformed agriculture; and chemical polymerization, the formation of polymeric chains or three-dimensional networks of monomers, which can be utilized in various end applications. We continue to proudly build off that foundation of innovation, leveraging the power of good chemistry to change and sustain the world.  

Over the last year, we launched the newly refreshed AdvanSix brand, clearly articulating our place in the industry as a diversified chemistry company. The brand has served as a galvanizing point in engaging our employees and has presented us with new opportunities to go to the market in a clearly articulated and compelling way.  

As a diversified chemistry company, we recognize that the critical role we play in global supply chains underscores our responsibility to drive a more sustainable future in our own products and operations as well as the value chain. In recognition of this, I am proud to share our 2023 Sustainability Report.  

This report demonstrates our commitment to integrating sustainability into our overall corporate strategy, continuously improving our environmental, social and governance performance and, notably, continuing to serve our key stakeholders as a responsible corporate citizen. At AdvanSix, it all starts with essential chemistries that make an impact on the world. Over the course of 2023, we were honored for continued progress of our sustainability initiatives—a compelling recognition of our teams’ commitment to corporate social responsibility. These include, among others highlighted in the report:  


  • Our third consecutive Platinum rating by EcoVadis, an independent corporate social responsibility assessment agency, putting the company in the top one percent of all companies assessed. 
  • 2023 Public Company Board of the Year awarded by the New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors. 
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) recognition for societal contributions, commitment to operational excellence and an outstanding record of gender diversity in leadership and championing an inclusive workforce. 
  • Newsweek’s one of America’s Most Responsible Companies 2024 
  • Executive Women of New Jersey recognition for achieving 35 percent or more women in senior governance roles.  


In addition, we continued to progress our commitments to meet increased customer needs for more sustainable solutions. To help feed the world, we’ve launched our SUSTAIN (Sustainable U.S. Sulfate to Accelerate Increased Nutrition) program, a series of projects targeting expansion of our granular ammonium sulfate production by approximately 200,000 tons per year with no increases in net energy consumption or emissions. We also introduced our new nylon offering with 100 percent post-consumer recycled content, which enables our customers to accelerate progress in meeting their sustainability goals.  

I invite you to learn more about our commitments and our progress within this report. While we take pride in our long legacy of success and track record of serving as a trusted partner for our customers, we recognize that sustainability is an ongoing commitment that requires continued transformation. We will continue to build upon the history of innovation set over 100 years ago to meet our commitments to support a more sustainable future.  

Erin Kane

President and CEO