Five Ways AdvanSix Recycled Nylon is Helping Customers Reach Their Sustainability Goals


It all starts with…sustainable material impact.   

For more than a century, AdvanSix products have helped overcome our customers’ most complex challenges. Today, we are committed to helping our customers meet the growing demand for reliable, cost-effective, 100% recycled materials without compromising the quality and performance of downstream, high-value products in various industries.  

Here are five ways in which AdvanSix is helping to drive the path to a more sustainable future and how Aegis ® nylon material can help bridge the technology gaps still existing today for net-zero plastics. 

Preserving Valuable Resources  

In 2021, AdvanSix was the first to allocate its post-industrial recycled (PIR) raw material reclaimed from nylon polymerization waste streams into 100% PIR nylon grades so as to maximize the sustainability benefits for customers. Since then, 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) nylon 6, 80% PCR nylon 6,66 copolymers, and 100% PIR caprolactam have been added to that product portfolio. AdvanSix PIR and PCR grades use certified recycled content to produce nylon products that are just as processable, formable, and durable as virgin nylon. With these products, AdvanSix is actively contributing to many industries’ still nascent efforts to build towards a more sustainable future.  

Minimizing Waste 

The AdvanSix recycled nylon process involves recovering unreacted caprolactam from process waste streams and collecting quality PCR waste stream materials from industrial consumers of our caprolactam product, and our nylon processing partners, a practice we have been carrying out for decades, long before the idea of waste reduction was en vogue. Our dual-sourced approach has made and continues to make more materials available for recycling, allowing our customers to meet the growing demand for sustainable high-performing plastics, all while keeping as little production waste as possible from entering landfills. 

Enabling Low Carbon Footprint Options 

AdvanSix is here to help your customers bridge the gap between technology maturity and their carbon footprint reduction ambitions. Allocation of recycled content to specific product grades also allows us to provide our customers, who are carefully monitoring their own sustainability metrics, specific carbon footprint information pertinent to the product(s) they buy from us.     

Delivering Cost-effective Alternatives   

AdvanSix PIR and PCR nylon 6 products offer the same physical and mechanical properties as conventional, virgin nylon products. Because they are drop-in replacements for virgin products with identical properties, they require no costly re-qualifications, expensive new processes, or equipment changes for customers.     

Verifying Our High-Quality Products 

Employing 100% recycled content certified by two separate independent third parties (SCS Global Services and ISCC PLUS), AdvanSix Aegis® PIR and PCR grades nylon 6 products meet the high expectations of processors, brand owners and consumers. Independent third-party verification ensures transparency and credibility in the marketplace, providing our customers peace of mind. Our third-party LCA follows the most recent guidance and is undergoing further rigorous third-party expert panel review.  

Join us in creating a more sustainable future. Visit our landing page to learn how recycled nylon can benefit your operations.