AdvanSix Introduces Resins and Films with 100% Post-Industrial Recycled Materials


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Parsippany, N.J., September 23, 2021 – AdvanSix (NYSE: ASIX) announced today that it has added 100% post-industrial recycled (PIR) grades to its industry-leading portfolio of Aegis® PA6 Resins and Capran® Biaxally Oriented Polyamide (BOPA) films. The new products, which are the first of their kind for the company, offer customers a way to address their sustainability goals by incorporating materials built on recycled monomers reclaimed from waste streams into their end products without compromises or trade-offs on performance.

“We are all on a journey to a more sustainable future. Our customers – and their customers – are increasingly focused on achieving their sustainability goals,” said Sarah Waller, vice president for Nylon Solutions at AdvanSix. “We are pleased to partner with our customers and support their journeys by offering an innovative PIR solution that customers can trust to incorporate recycled material content into their manufacturing processes and products, minimizing environmental impact.”

The 100% PIR grades from AdvanSix have the same processability as their AdvanSix standard- grade counterparts and are food-contact-compliant, making them ideal in applications with rigorous performance requirements or that are challenging to recycle. Examples include food and medical packaging requiring Food and Drug Administration approval, bag-in-box beverage packaging and other food-contact-compliant applications, along with light-colored carpets and other products with stringent specifications for color or odor contamination. Incorporating PIR solutions from AdvanSix into the manufacturing process is straightforward, as there is no need for customers to requalify these new grades.

All PIR grades have been certified by SCS Global Services, and AdvanSix continues to evaluate the products’ environmental benefits through ongoing Life Cycle Analysis. Following nylon polymerization, AdvanSix recovers unreacted caprolactam from waste streams and recycles it back into the nylon manufacturing process. Using an industry-accepted mass balance method, the recycled material is allocated into 100% PIR-grade Aegis® resins and Capran® BOPA films.

AdvanSix is an American Chemistry Council Responsible Care® company and its sustainability and responsible business practices are built on the foundation of its core values: Safety, Integrity, Accountability, and Respect. Earlier this year, AdvanSix was awarded a Platinum rating for corporate social responsibility from EcoVadis which is just one of the many achievements highlighted in the company’s 2020 Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report also discusses the company’s approach to recycled content as part of its sustainability strategy and performance.

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AdvanSix plays a critical role in global supply chains, innovating and delivering essential products for our customers in a wide variety of end markets and applications that touch people’s lives, such as building and construction, fertilizers, plastics, solvents, packaging, paints, coatings, adhesives and electronics. Our reliable and sustainable supply of quality products emerges from the vertically integrated value chain of our three U.S.-based manufacturing facilities. AdvanSix strives to deliver best-in-class customer experiences and differentiated products in the industries of nylon solutions, chemical intermediates, and plant nutrients, guided by our core values of Safety, Integrity, Accountability and Respect. More information on AdvanSix can be found at

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