Get to know… Adrienne Yeager, Environmental Leader, Frankford


In our “Get to Know” series, we share a look at the people of AdvanSix who come together to make this a great company, a tighter community and a better world.

At AdvanSix, it all starts with…people. Every day, our teams turn possibilities into solutions. We work together and strive to live our values of safety, integrity, accountability and respect. We’re driven by a desire to do the right thing in the communities in which we operate and to collaborate with our customers to deliver solutions that help make the world a better place. We recently connected with Environmental Leader, Adrienne Yeager, who is helping to make the world a better place from our Frankford site.

Tell us about yourself. What professional journey lead you to AdvanSix?

I am a University of Delaware graduate with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My professional career has been focused on environmental compliance in chemical manufacturing and refining, with a brief stint in natural gas distribution. I started my career as an intern assisting an environmental remediation group for refineries. After college, I worked as an environmental engineer, then began doing environmental compliance work, and in 2009, I joined the team at the Frankford site where my role allowed me to support five different chemical plants on various compliance issues. I enjoyed learning how different facilities comply with the same regulations. I left for a new opportunity, and following a 5 year period where I strictly focused on air regulation compliance, I returned back to the Frankford site as Lead Environmental Engineer in 2014. Today I am the Environmental Leader of our Frankford facility.

At home, I am also very busy chasing my two kids around, Vivi who is 6, and Will who is 4. Sometimes, I feel like the only time I ever get to sit down is at work.

At AdvanSix, it all starts with our people, products and partners. What does “it all start with” for you?

For me it all starts with taking pride in our products. In my role, I work closely with the local community. I am discouraged to see the negative sentiment that is sometimes around chemical manufacturing. The products we make go into essential items that make our lives safer and more comfortable. When my 6-year-old asks what I do, I educate her on responsible chemical manufacturing and how the items we use every day start with the chemistries created at our Frankford site. I did have a laugh when we drove by the plant and I showed my kids the plant where I work. They were actually shocked to see that there were no actual “plants” there.

How do you help create a people-focused culture at AdvanSix?

For me, it’s about keeping an open mind. Reflecting back on my career, I have seen myself and others get stuck in the “that’s how we have always done it” mindset. I encourage my team to speak freely without repercussions especially when we have different approaches to the same problem. This often leads to more creative solutions and fosters an environment of mutual respect towards one another.

What project or initiative are you most proud of throughout your career?

I enjoy working on a team. One of my fondest memories of teamwork in action was tackling an unplanned project when we realized the air pollution control device wasn’t operating as designed. Everyone paused what they had been working on to focus on the issue at hand, and is a great example of how teams can work together to find effective temporary and permanent solutions. It also says a lot about the great people I work with at the plant.

In what ways have you seen AdvanSix materials positively influence a product or industry that might not be immediately well-known or obvious?

was surprised when I read our 2022 Sustainability Report that the largest category of sales by end market was Ag/Fertilizer. This company has such a large number of assets that are designed for a diverse variety of product offerings. I find it very interesting how we impact soybean industry. It’s pretty cool!

What does “thinking beyond” mean to you and your work at AdvanSix?

“Thinking beyond” is having a growth mindset. It’s a willingness to learn and embrace new concepts and step outside of your wheelhouse to learn new things. In my role, this is utilizing new technologies, learning more about the plant processes, understanding new regulations, and changing compliance strategies to improve the company’s standing as a responsible chemical manufacturer.

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