Introducing the SUSTAIN (Sustainable U.S. Sulfate to Accelerate Increased Nutrition) Program


field harvest

It all starts with feeding the world.

There is a limited amount of land in the world. And it is incredibly important we give farmers tools to be able to generate as much food as possible on the land they’re using.

Did you know our ammonium sulfate helps farmers grow the crops that feed people all across the country?

At AdvanSix, our chemistries enable customers from all over the world to deliver their products that touch people’s everyday lives. Our ammonium sulfate is a perfect example.

We take the common elements sulfur and nitrogen and transform them into an essential product that helps farmers feed the world and that’s good chemistry.

Ammonium sulfate is the preferred product for the incorporation of sulfur nutrients into dry bulk blends – the largest application method in North America. AdvanSix ammonium sulfate is a 100% made-in-America high-analysis fertilizer that provides the efficient nutrients crops crave and improves herbicide effectiveness.

We spend a lot of effort in understanding ammonium sulfate and how we produce it, and the innovations from what we’ve learned through our R&D have paid off. We’ve had pretty significant growth in our production of our granular ammonium sulfate which came directly from what we’ve learned in our R&D programs.

One example of innovation is the company’s investment to expand our granular ammonium sulfate production by approximately 200,000 tons per year.

The SUSTAIN (Sustainable U.S. Sulfate to Accelerate Increased Nutrition) program will increase the domestic availability of fertilizer and nutrient alternatives for U.S. farmers while reducing the impacts of climate change.

Historically speaking, agriculture has been a difficult industry to decarbonize. It was important to AdvanSix to incorporate sustainability into this project, not just in its name, but in our results. SUSTAIN is designed to reduce total water usage at the production facility by 10%, and substantially increase target granular grade production while targeting no net increase in energy consumption or emissions, and a reduction of nutrient discharges  – aligning with AdvanSix’s drive to go beyond compliance to reduce operational impacts on the environment to address climate change, reduce air emissions, manage waste and protect water resources.

Prioritizing the commitment to the communities in which we work and operate in, SUSTAIN is designed to occur exclusively on developed property where AMS fertilizer is currently produced.