Topdress AMS to Support Pod Fill


The soybean field is an important part of the local community, providing a valuable source of income for the farmer and a wide range of products for sale. By supporting the farm and purchasing locally grown soybeans, consumers are helping to promote sustainable agriculture

Supplemental nitrogen and sulfur are crucial to ensuring soybeans achieve maximum yield. Ammonium sulfate (AMS) fertilizer, like Sulf-N® delivers readily available nitrogen and sulfur to crops, including soybeans. Its high-density form makes AMS an efficient and versatile fertilizer that consistently delivers ROI by improving plant health and increasing yield.

While AMS is most commonly applied to soybean fields a few weeks before or after planting, data has shown that there is still time for growers to reap the benefits of sulfate sulfur and ammonium nitrogen.

With flexible application options, AMS can also be topdressed around bloom to support soybeans during pod fill. Since half of the nitrogen and sulfur in the soybean grain is taken up after flowering, topdressing is an efficient way to ensure that these two essential nutrients are not lacking in soybeans with a high yield potential.

“Because the crop is pulling so many nutrients out of the soil to put to that pod fill in soybeans, a little additional AMS as feed for the plant doesn’t hurt it,” AdvanSix Plant Nutrients Sales Manager Jason Magan said. “I think anytime in the early reproductive stages is a good time for AMS to give the crop an extra push on the sulfur side.”

AMS can be topdressed on soybeans between the R2 and R4 growth stages to give the crop the supplemental nutrition it needs to support this critical time of development. “Topdressing is a relatively efficient way to create that sense of insurance on the crop, just to make sure you get that little extra boost of nitrogen and sulfur when soybeans need it,” Magan said.

If your customers missed the opportunity to apply AMS around planting, or if their tissue tests indicate a nutrient deficiency, they may want to take advantage of a topdress application of Sulf-N® AMS. Contact your ammonium sulfate supplier or visit the website to learn more.